Rough Terrain Forklift Truck
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Rough Terrain Forklift

As the name quite possibly gives away, the Rough Terrain Forklift is a piece of equipment that is designed and used to lift materials over surfaces that are either unstable, rocky or otherwise difficult to navigate.

This type of forklift is typically used outdoors rather than indoors in factories or warehouses. They have special features that make them ideal to outdoor use such as knobby tyres as well as a more robust and heavier construction to enable the navigation of rough terrain. The steel that these vehicles are constructed from are typically designed to withstand all weather conditions as well as corrosive materials. The design of these large tyres also ensure that Rough Terrain Forklifts are unlikely to get stuck into soft ground or mud.

This type of forklift usually has specific jobs that are suited to the type of industry that they are used in. For example on a construction site a rough terrain forklift may be used to lift materials on to a roof or higher floors of a building. They can also be used to move loads from transportation lorries to the actual site of the construction as the lorries may not be able to get to the site or it would be unsafe.

You may also find Rough Terrain Forklifts on farms, oil rigs, ranches as well as army bases.

Rough Terrain Forklifts come in 2 basic configurations; each designed to handle a different type of load or lift. The most common of the two is the vertical mast, which features a vertical support at the front of the operator, the second option is the variable reach lift which features a telescoping boom ideal for lifting materials over objects or obstructions.

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