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Reach Truck

Predominantly used for narrow aisle work in a warehouse the Reach truck offers maximum lift height and great manoeuvrability. The Reach is best suited to horizontal transportation and stacking.

The term ‘Reach’ comes from the ability of the fork carriage to ‘reach’ beyond it’s stabilising legs. These stabilising legs along with the batteries within the reach truck mean that there is no need for any counterbalance weight within the Reach’s construction.

Reach trucks can access heights in excess of 10 metres whilst still being able to operate in smaller environments. Lifting capabilities range from 1 to 5 tonnes.

All forklifts have a maximum weight and specified forward centre of gravity, which is displayed on a nameplate on the vehicle provided by the manufacturer. It is paramount that this weight is not exceeded

Depending on the manufacturer, some Reach trucks have a tilted cab position designed to make operating the truck a more comfortable experience. Other manufacturers’ designs feature a very open overhead guard, which makes the tilt design unnecessary.

The Reach’s wheelbase is the same length as a normal counterbalance forklift; however the body is more compact whilst the drive wheel is located under the operator’s seating position.

To enhance visibility whilst operating, many Reach trucks are fitted with a camera on the fork carriage that can be viewed in the cabin on a LCD screen. You’ll always see the operator sitting sideways in a Reach truck, this is to again enhance visibility and improved operator comfort when navigating narrow aisles.

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