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Forklift Accidents

If you type into Google ‘Forklift News’ you’ll be inundated with stories of hundreds of Forklift Truck incidents. From small injuries to fatalities, as well as news of employers being fined hundreds of thousands of pounds for incidents in the workplace.

It is news articles such as these that should come as a wake-up call to employers to ensure that their members of staff are fully trained, that their training is up-to-date as well as ensuring that all health and safety practices being adhered to in the workplace.

It cannot be stressed enough that health and safety plays a vital role in the workplace and employers should ensure that training their staff receive is health and safety approved.

Risk Assessments are a vital factor in the Health and Safety process. When undertaking a Risk Assessment in the workplace there should be 5 points of consideration;

  1. Identify the hazard
  2. Decide who might be harmed & how
  3. Evaluate the level of risk and decide on the precautions needed.
  4. Record your findings and implement them
  5. Review and update you assessment as and when necessary

If you’re looking for more information and templates to carry out risks assessments you can find these on the Government’s Health and Safety Executive website

If you want to ensure that your Forklift training is Health and Safety approved then look no further than Forklift Agency. We offer training for individuals and employers all over the country, we offer the training both offsite or at your place of work.

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