Counterbalance Forklift Truck
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The most common type of Forklift used in indoor warehouses and stores is the Counterbalance. This type of forklift is best suited to even, stable surfaces and so although they can be used outdoors, they are best suited to indoor use.

A counterbalance has the duel forks at the front of the truck, which are used to lift heavy loads with ease. This type of forklift is easy to operate and offers fantastic maneuverability up and down narrow aisles of a store or warehouse.

Counterbalance are available as electric, diesel or gas powered and as the name would suggest they have a weight at the back of the truck to offset the load to be lifted at the front of the truck. It is worth noting however that the electric versions of the counterbalance generally operate with a smaller counterweight as the battery serves as a ballast as well as a power source.

The 3 Wheel Counterbalance truck works in the same way as a standard counterbalance forklift however the extra wheel located in the centre of the rear of the machine makes moving the forklift a breeze. The extra wheel and tight turning circles make these the popular choice in warehouses and stores today.

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