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On-Site Forklift Training in Derby

Forklift Training Derby

If you are looking for on-site Forklift Training in Derby and Derbyshire, then you need to speak to Forklift Agency on 01332 298298.

We have been providing businesses in the local area and nationwide since 2007, using fully qualified forklift instructors registered with one of the accredited bodies providing HSE recognised forklift training.

We offer training on all of the following types of trucks:

Our trained Forklift Instructors will come to you and train your employees up on site and in the comfort of your own factory. Training can be implementing with a few day-to-day tasks to make them feel at ease.

All instructors now carry either a laptop or an iPad to show the instructional safety videos and have all the necessary paperwork needed for the forklift training course.

Our instructors have all been vetted and have been working for Forklift Agency for many years. Each one of them carries their own public liability insurance.

Forklift certification is usually sent out within 14 days of the training completion if a credit account is in place, or 28 days if other forms of payment has been received.

Credit accounts are available to firms and are subject to a credit assessment and references. The first job must always be paid upfront.

For more information on Forklift Training please call the team on 01332 298298.

Are you an individual?


If you are an individual looking for Forklift Training in the Derby or Derbyshire area, then unfortunately at this time we are unable to help.

This is because Forklift Agency currently only offer Forklift Training on-site at company premises that have forklift trucks available.

However, we do currently run a website called Forklift Training Centres and you may find that there is a learning centre in the region that could help you. Alternatively please search “Forklift Training Centres” on

Forklift Training

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If your business is looking for Forklift Training on-site, then complete the form below stating the type of truck and how many people you would like training and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
All forklift training is completed at your premises and can be done to fit in with your work patterns, no extra charges for evenings or weekend work.